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Darts1 Interview
with Irina Armstrong

Do you play in the Russian national team?

Yes I do play for Russia.

Is there any kind of practice for this?

Yes and no. I think having experience at international open tournaments such as the German Open, or the Dutch open etc is very important, but representing not just yourself, not just your team but your whole country adds a different kind of pressure that only playing for your country more often can help.

Is it very difficult to coordinate your children with your darts?

Absolutely, not just practice time but also attending tournaments.

Do they sometimes accompany you when you play tournaments?

Occasionally and when they are a bit older more often I hope.

How important is it for you to have the support of your husband in tournaments? Do you prefer it when he is around?

Without his support I wouldn`t be attending very many tournaments at all, so it`s very important, and yes I prefer to have him around.

Do you like playing tournaments and playing on stage?

I love it, especially the stage.

How do you manage to withstand pressure and nevertheless show your best performance?

I seem to normally thrive on pressure, most times the harder a game is the better I play, I think it`s just something in me from birth.

Can one prepare somehow for this or can you only learn it by taking part in as much tournaments as possible?

Mainly from competing, the experience of playing at this level.

How important are fans and spectators for you?

It is very nice of course to have people supporting you, but very often when I am in a game I barely notice them. No disrespect meant with that but I try to concentrate on my game and not on whats happening behind me.

Do you do anything special to prepare for an important tournament?

I do try to get in more practice and concentrate a lot on doubles and finishes

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