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Darts1 Interview
with Irina Armstrong

As you probably know the Dutch dart scene quite good would you think darts is on decline there?

Not really on a local level, playing in a local league but I have witnessed a lot less in the numbers of people at tournaments.

And what could be the reason for this?

A whole number of reasons, one I think is that since the euro came in costs have risen in Holland, and there is less disposable income, so less time in the bars throwing darts. Less money to travel to a tournament where they could lose first round.

Do you yourself play exhibitions and what do you think of exhibitions?

I am always available for exhibitions, but I don`t get to do very many, the exhibition circuit in Holland is much smaller now, bars can no longer afford to pay the way they used to be able to. I would love to do more as they generally are a lot of fun. I would certainly be willing to do one for you in Germany sometime.

I always wonder, why it's so difficult to organise this kind of events in Germany. Do you have an idea why it's such a problem?

Organising an exhibition is not so hard, but getting people to attend could be. One thing that happens in Holland is that an exhibition takes place at a tournament or at least after the tournament. At a local tournament you have a bar full of dart players, they are already there, reward, say the last 8 in the tournament with a leg of darts against your guest player later the same day. This ensures that people will stay behind, hopefully spending money in the bar to help cover the cost.

Could you yourself imagine playing the GDC ranking tournaments and do you think you would have a chance?

Lets just say I think I would have more chance with the GDC than going to play in the PDC. A lot of course depends on the draw as to how well I could do. Maybe I will come along one time and give it a try.

Is there any player you really would like to play against?

I would love to play against Phil Taylor when I am throwing well, I could well surprise him with a leg or two.

What for you is the best female player?

No question about it, Trina Gulliver. Her record speaks for itself.

And how do you assess the German ladies?

There are some good German ladies but they need to get out and travel more. Just playing in Dortmund, Bochum, and Bremen once a year is not going to help them to improve as much as they could do.

What is your idea of the sport in future and how do think could one still get more recognition?

The sport is going through a boom time at the moment and I hope it continues. I think a big boost for world recognition would be to get darts into the Olympics and I know the WDF are working very hard towards that. Obviously if we could get more TV time then that would help a lot, but its a catch 22, not enough TV not enough recognition, not enough recognition not enough TV.

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