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Darts1 Interview
with Irina Armstrong

Did you have any role model when you started or do you still have one?

I guess I have two role models, one Phil Taylor for his dedication and achievements, and Trina Gulliver, her record speaks for itself and is one of the nicest players around

What did fascinate you so much in darts that you wanted to try it yourself?

Watching the best players in Johns bar I was amazed at how often they could hit that little red bit, I now know as Treble 20, and wanted to see if I could do it.

Which Darts do you use and did it take long to find your barrel/light/shaft combination?

I am fortunate enough to be sponsored by Unicorn, so I have my own designed darts from them, 23 grms. I changed my darts a lot to start with, as I did the shafts, flights, and even the length of my points. Now I have been playing with the same set up for 3 or 4 years.

Do you sometimes change your darts or your Setup or do you always use the same?

As I mentioned above I haven`t changed much for 3 or 4 years.

Irian Armstrong Darts

Do you play some kind of league in Germany or Holland?

I play in 2 leagues in the Netherlands, the Darts Organisatie Limburg and in the Dutch Superleague.

Do the other members of the league accept you or do they feel you are to "dominant"? I read they even banned Anastasia from league as they felt she was too good.

In both leagues I am generally playing against men and at a high level so I don`t have the problems that Anastasia has had.

Would you say league play is some kind of practice for you?

Any competitive match I consider a type of practice, especially if it really matters to me or my team.

How often a week do you play league?

Normally twice, depending on whether there is a superleague match or not.

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