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Darts1 Interview
with Irina Armstrong

And what do you do on the day of the tournament?

I try to get to any tournament a little earlier so I can settle down in the atmosphere and get some good training in first.

Do you think all ladies tournaments are necessary or wouldn't you mind mixing with the men?

I do really enjoy playing against some of the top men but I think it`s very important to have ladies only tournaments.

Would you say there are differences relating skill level or mental attitude between male and female darters?

Not sure what it is but there is a difference between men and women in darts, if I knew exactly what it was maybe I could also find the solution and start playing like Phil Taylor.

Do you like team and pairs competitions or do you prefer singles?

I prefer singles, but I do enjoy being part of a team and have done very very well in pairs, both mixed and ladies.

Is playing a man a bigger challenge or is the gender of your opponent not important at all for you?

I just want to play my best and win whoever I play.

Could you imagine yourself playing in the PDC?

Maybe one day but I am not ready for that yet.

Anastasia will play this years Grand Slam. Could you imagine yourself to play there as well?

It would certainly be fun playing in the same tournament as some of the legends of the sport, and I wouldn`t turn down the opportunity should it come my way. I can imagine playing there one day because I can imagine winning Lakeside so I would qualify.

Was it very hard for you to find a sponsor?

Yes, I think I was very lucky in getting the backing of Unicorn.

And how hard was it playing tournaments and travelling around before finding one?

We still pay for most of my travelling, so in that respect things haven`t changed. It was very hard and it still is.

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