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Darts1 Interview
with Irina Armstrong

And how often do you practice?

I try to throw some darts most days, but with two young children it`s not always possible to find the time.

Do you practice alone or have you got a practice partner and what would you prefer?

I mainly practice alone, but I would prefer to have a good practice partner.

Have you got some kind of practice routine?

I play a lot of 501, and depending on how it`s going I may switch to training on finishes. Normally it`s not my points why I lose its not hitting the doubles. The doubles are the most important thing in a dart match so it is very important to train on them.

And do you keep notes of practice achievements?

My husband sometimes sits with the lap top and keeps my averages so we can compare them to earlier times, other than that no. Performance in practice doesn`t really count for anything it`s what you do in a match thats important.

How much time do you invest in practice?

As I mentioned before, with 2 children its difficult to stick to a strict routine, one day I might practice for 4 hours the next day 30 mins. When there is a big tournament coming up I try to put in more time.

Have you got a favourite double and do you think one should practice all doubles the same?

Any double can win a match so I tend to train on all of them.

Did you ever have anybody who gave you tips for your practice when you started playing or is all your own ideas?

My husband gave me some good ones to start with, after that I have tried different things I have learned from other people or websites. Some work some don`t.

Do you do some kind of mental practice as well?

I do try to maintain focus as if I am in a match when training.

Would you say competing with better players makes you a better player yourself?

It has certainly helped me and think it`s a must for most people.

Would you say the mental part is very important in darts?

It`s the difference between winning and losing at big tournaments. So yes very important.

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