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Darts1 interview
with James Wade

What do you do to withstand the pressure? Is it something, you just get used to? Or something you can learn?

My mechanics helps me deal with the pressure of forthcoming events and I let Jason ( my manager ) deal with all the off the oche issues, so I can clearly focus on the games.

Why is it that still most of the top players are from England?

I guess it is in our roots, pubs and clubs. But the PDC has opened up new avenues for other countries to excel.

Do you think that more and more players from other countries will reach the top of the game?


What do you do if the darts aren't going the way they should, do you take a break or just play through it?

Re adjust my focus and concentration.

Does playing with glasses affect your game, did you ever think about using contact lenses?

No its all I have known, I have no thoughts about changing.

Did you like the new World Championship Venue, the Alexandra Palace?

Yes, it was a superb venue, but my performances were not as I would of hoped.

Was the new world champion a surprise for you?

No, John is a World Class player and a worthy champion.

Who was your favourite?

I thought I stood a good chance of winning prior to the event.

What are your aims for this year?

To improve my ranking position and to defend my titles and hopefully win some new ones.

What do you do in your spare time? What hobbies have you got?

Mechanics, watching films and buying nice cars Smilie

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