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Darts1 interview
with James Wade

Are you a well known person already?

In darts yes, more general people recognise me over the past year or so.

Who's the best darts player of all time?

Phil Taylor by a long way

Who do you think is the most talented player on the circuit?

There are a lot of very talented players, It would be unfair to pick one who stands out, but Phil and Raymond have achieved so much more than anyone else, and Adrian Lewis when on form is brilliant IN MY OPINION

Which darts do you play? Did you always play the same brand and weight?

Unicorn 21g Maestro Series. Yes always the same

James Wade Darts

Why do you use this shaft / flight combination?

It works !!!!!

Have you got some kind of practice schedule?

I practice for 2 hours a day, never less never more, and never alone ( unless just before a TV game )

Do you practice alone or with a partner?


Do you think that solo practice is better, if yes why, if not, why not?

No, I get complacent

Did you ever use a trainer board?


What do you practice and how long do you practice normally?

Always 501 games usually best of 11 sets, 5 legs a set

Do you somehow keep record of your practice achievements?

In my memory

What motivates you during your practice?

Winning the session

What's your favourite double and why?

20, it's bigger than the rest Smilie

How do you prepare for a tournament?

Spend time alone in my hotel room, watching films or buying car parts on e-bay.

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