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Darts1 interview
with James Wade

Do you like playing Premier League?


Chris Mason said, he would of course play Premier League, but looking at the crowd and that it's more entertainment than sport, he wouldn't enjoy it.Do you feel the same?

No, it is brilliant for fans and players in my opinion

Is there really a difference between the Premier League crowd and for example the World Championship crowd?

Yes they are bigger crowds, that's all

Do you see a problem with those huge crowds, can you still control them?

I do not see a problem, it is good for darts

Does the noise somehow affect your game?

No, I play better with noise, if it is to quiet it is much harder to concentrate

What's for you most important in darts? What fascinates you most?

Earning a good living and enjoying my time as a professional. It fascinates me that fans and viewers love the game

What would you say is your special strength? And what your weakness?

My focus and determination. I do not think of weaknesses and will not mention them as I do not what my opponents to know them Smilie

What do you think makes the difference between a mediocre and a real good dart player?

Natural ability is the main one, then determination and focus, there are a lot of world class players but some of them prepare incorrectly IN MY OPINION

What advice would you give an adamant beginner?

Take time and practice hard, and most importantly ENJOY it

Which was the best tip that you ever got?

My sponsor and manager Jason Thame always tells me to stay focused and be my own man

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