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Darts1 interview
with James Wade

When did you get a professional darts player?


A lot of dart fans in Germany are astonished you still work in the garage. Why did you return to your job?

To relax and have another interest away from darts

Is the PDC more straining than the BDO?

Yes but the rewards are greater

Are there perhaps too many tournaments?


What do you think about the GDC and the tournaments in Germany?


What's your favourite tournament?

Stan James World Matchplay in July

Do you like playing on stage and why (or why not)

Yes, the atmosphere and adrenalin is amazing

Do you prefer the weekend tournaments, were you have to play all day long or the big tournaments, where you've only got one match a day?

Big tournaments week long, you can prepare better

Which are more demanding or difficult to play?

One day events are very strenuous.

How important are spectators and fans for you? How much do you discern them at all?

I appreciate all fans and there support to me

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