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Darts1 interview
with George Silberzahn

Do you think the PDC will help darts in America?

Couldn't hurt.

What is your idea of making the sport more popular?

Play a game in which the target changes often and with as little esoteric knowledge required as possible. Make matches short like a boxing match. Round by round. Something like 301 double in double out best of seven games per set, best of eleven sets. Make it like a crap game, always moving.

And what is the biggest problem darts has to struggle with?

Perception. The finite control needed is not understood or appreciated. Being in control under pressure.

Why do you think is Cricket in America far more popular then in 501?

There's strategy involved and there can be endless discussion about what could have or should have or might have been done. Among top competitors the ability to score constant seven marks to shift the advantage from one play to another. Good Stuff.

Do you think it might help the sport not only to play 501 as done in the PDC and perhaps not only single tournaments, but pairs and mixed or team tournaments as well?

It could. Still, the problem in America is attention span. Bang out games and sets. Put the pressure on. Make a miss a big deal. We Americans love performance under pressure. Watching a best of eleven games set, with best of I don't know how many sets is just boring. How many times are they going to go that twenty thing anyway? So many chances to miss, what's the point?

Do you still play yourself?

Do I what?? Oh - darts. Never have, never will.

Would you say one can be too old for playing darts?

Friend of mine is eighty, another won her last national title when she was eighty four. What's that suggest?

Or that you get less good when you reach a certain age?

You get less good when you get less driven. Baring physical injury.

Did you like the League of Legends and do you think such a senior tournament is a good idea that has a chance?

It's like other seniors things as in tennis and golf. As a side show it's OK.

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