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Darts1 interview
with George Silberzahn

What is it that fascinated you in darts through all the years and keeps your interest in the sport alive?

No one thing. I just like being able to hit a target with something. Like in archery, or with a gun. And then there are the characters involved. Nit wits, really strange people, drunks, really nice people, fun people, self important people and experts. We have so many experts. They're everywhere and they know everything and they don't have to have won anything. They don't have to really know anything either - hey maybe they should run for President of America?

Was there ever a time you stopped to play darts?

Yes, indeed. I had a serious lapse in priorities for about eighteen years where I didn't do any darts at all. I was all wrapped up in my job. I'd lost all sense of perspective. Man, am I glad I finally got past that phase.

When I look at the sport, the technique, the mental side, the place it has between other sports it looks to me it's still very much a developing sport. What is your goal, what would you like still to achieve?

I'm at the stage now where I want to share what I've learned with as many people as I am able. I happy I have the interest to do the things I do. My second edition of "How To", Flight School and the Player's tournament which is designed for the 80% of darts players who don't usually attend tournaments.

What do you think can dart sites on the internet do to help players?

Just be there. Be a communication locus. Be a place where national and international organizations can both gether information and give it.

Do you still visit tournaments to watch or play? Did you ever visit one of the PDC tournaments in America?

Yes to both. Watching people still doing all the wrong things is perplexing but that's the way it is. All I can do it put the best information I have out there and rejoice at the few who gain from it.

Who is your favourite for the next World Championships, who do you think will win in Alexandra Palace and in Lakeside?

My money is on one of the top sixteen. In fact I may parlay a bet that way.

Who do you think is the most talented young player?

I don't know. There aren't all that many over here. I think the median age is somewhere in the high thirties.

And which American player do you think most capable to make an impact either in the PDC or the WDF?

We have about a dozen but without financial help the rest of the world will never hear of them.

Would you advise American players to make their luck in the WDF or in the PDC?

Right now? Stay in the US, get to as many tournaments as they can, win as often as possible and stay poised for what ever opportunity may show up down the road. Play set matches with other top ranked Americans. Find some organization which will support head to head matches.

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