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Darts1 interview
with George Silberzahn

And what was the reason for the "Flight School?

Same motivation as the pamphlets and book: help other people benefit from what I'd learned. Only this time I'm retired and have the time as well as the motivation. Having my book on the market seemed to give me some standing so I brought the idea to Erik McVay of SEWA-Darts. He said sure go for it so I did. This idea really started before that with something I called "Advice to the dart lorn" that failed at birth.

Do you know of any other kind of darts online course or is the Flight School unique?

I think there was one effort at something akin to my approach to the subject of learning darts from reading but nothing really came of it. I expect to see other people publish things following the concept of "How To Master The Sport Of Darts" and Flight School because my suspicion that there is need for this kind of thing has proven to be true.

How many people do you think practice now with the help of the "Flight School" and what do you know about their achievements?

Every time I think of this I smile, broadly. There are now in the neighbourhood of 300 FSers. I have stories of absolute progress from bunches of FSers, and a lot of them are people who have been at the game for a few years. A result of not practising the best way is that your progress becomes stunted and you get frustrated. FS does the opposite and every success story I hear confirms I'm doing something really gratifying. People are enjoying our game more, which means they are happier. And that's a good thing.

What makes the "Flight School" something special compared to other courses or books?

There is over forty years of experience behind both projects. And I just like the feeling I get when some gets an Ah -Ha moment from some thing I can tell them. I can relate to every step along the way which a person can experience, from trying to get the thing to stick to competing at the highest level in front of crowds, to adversarial TV interviews. From people intimidating me to being intimidated by me. From starting new in a league to starting a new league. All this comes out when I'm asked a question or an opinion. I understand that my view may not be the right one for everyone but also believe that most of the time people gain from what I can tell them.

Is your book or the "Flight School" something you wrote down after your own practice experiences?

I could write those because of my experience, yes. I know what good practice and knowing the whole game can do and try to help others learn what I know.

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