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Darts1 interview
with George Silberzahn

What do you think does it need to be a good darts coach and what should he/she teach?

Understanding that if the person being coached deviates physically during competition be careful when mentioning it. Know who you are coaching. Don't get them to thinking. If the person being coached is approaching a mental or emotional situation mention it immediately, even if they are on the oche' if you sense they may not be aware.

How much part in darts is technique and how much is mental?

We'd have to define mental. I use that term for learning the rules and strategies involved only. Technique could be either.

And how can you practice the mental part?

As I mention above. I use mental as learning the rules and strategies only. So you'd use them every time you play.

Is competition the best preparation for competition or are there other ways to learn to withstand pressure in tournaments?

Face time it. Nothing else does it.

Do you think would all the top players practice after your method could they still get better?

By the time they are a top player I doubt there is anything new they would accept. We'd have to define top players. World ranked? Country? At these levels probably not. Just below that level, you betcha' they could. I have a couple of top level people in Flight School who have improved their belief they can break into the next level of play

What do you think are the most common mistakes in practice?

Competing against them selves.

When I look for example at Ronnie Baxter who's throwing technique looks rather strange, I ask myself how it's possible he's such a good dart player nevertheless. Does there exist at all a right or wrong throwing technique?

Everyone has their way of doing it and none has proven to be better than some others.

How important is it to find an "ideal" barrel/shaft/flight set-up?

If you don't have what suits you best you're likely fighting the dart and that's a bad thing. Adjust the dart combination to your way, not the other way around.

How long did it take you to find it and how did you find it?

About ten minutes. A travelling hustler said get both your feet on the floor and that was all it took.

And how does it look?

I don't really know. Never studied it. That's a distraction I'm not interested in having. It must look good because when I was hustling a few extra dollars I was told often "You're a good player, I can tell by how you do it."

Who is your favourite darts player?

I've several, for different reasons. Some because they're just fun people to be around, some because they just bang big shots and make it look effortless.

And who do you think has got the most flawless technique?

There isn't much difference but if I had to pick I'd go with Barney and Johnny K.

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