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Darts1 interview
with George Silberzahn

And do you include experiences or problems of the participants into Flight School so it develops all the time?

In the second edition of "How To Master The Sport Of Darts" I've attempted to take a person from the metaphorical "this is a dart" to "how to deal with the end of your career" and my publisher tells me I've hit it smack on. One of the reasons I even took on a second edition is the information and insight I've received from FSers. At the risk of seeming immodest, I believe the information I have is not held by anyone else, anywhere, and that is due to dart people talking to me through Flight School and feed back from "How To Master The Sport Of Darts." To answer you question: yes FS is in constant flux.

Have you got goals relating Flight School and how do they look?

Flight School will change when the second edition of "How To Master The Sport Of Darts" hits the streets. I will begin referring more to the content of the book rather than repeating it in contacts with FSers.

Do you perhaps plan a new book with your experiences from "Flight School"? Perhaps a "How to Master the Sport of Darts 2"?

I think I've already answered that but let me add something. The second edition of "How To Master The Sport Of Darts" will be comprehensive in that I have included extensive writing about soft tip darts as well as steel tip.

How and what did you yourself practice?

Same as I explain in both the book and FS.

Did your ideas of practice change over the years?

No, they've only grown more confirmed as the best way to do it.

Do you think, even an advanced player needs some kind of practice?

There is a whole section in the second edition on just this topic. And yes practice is always needed but just not in the same manner or quantity, depending upon what you wish to get from your practice.

Would you say the way you practice changes according to your skill level?

No, how often you practice changes and so does what you practice for but the basics always stay the same. You see I believe there are really three kinds of practice: physical, mental and emotional. You need all three, done correctly to be as good as can be. Many people of high rank practice these things but don't do it consciously - just instinctively.

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