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Do you think (I've heard that too) that women don't take the sport as serious as men?

In any sport, those who want to succeed will take their sport very seriously, as I have. Of course, there are those in it for a laugh or simply the social side of the game. They probably have no intention of ever becoming a professional player.

You didn't play as many tournaments recently as you used to do. Do you plan to retire?

I have not played in so many tournaments over the past year because of some personal difficulties and of course spending much time writing my autobiography. I am also moving house which everyone knows can place a lot of stress on you. I have no plans to retire in the foreseeable future so I hope to remain a strong force in ladies darts for some time to come..

I do know from Bob Anderson that he really likes exhibitions. Do you like this part of your work as well?

I love exhibitions and would like to do more of that kind of work. They are great and enable me to go out and meet the fans and have a super fun night out where entertainment is more important than who wins.

Have you ever been to Germany or is there a chance we'll see you here with an exhibition?

I have played in Germany in the past and would very much like to play exhibitions there. All I need is an invitation!

As Dartoid told us there'll be a Trina Gulliver biography. Is it finished already and when will it be published?

Yes. I have been working with Patrick Chaplin (www.patrickchaplin.com) the Darts Historian on my autobiography. (Patrick had previously worked with three-times World Champion John Lowe on his life story.) We began working together on my book in September 2005 and it was completed early in 2007.

My life has not always been easy and my journey to the top of women's darts has been tough. I think I have written a very honest book about my life and hope that everyone will learn a lot about the difficulties and problems of becoming a top woman darts player and maintaining that success against the odds.

My book is titled 'Golden Girl - The Autobiography of the Greatest Ever Ladies' Darts Player' and is published in London on 7th January by John Blake Publishing and can be ordered via Amazon. I will also be signing copies at the Lakeside during the World Championships.

You mentioned Dartoid. Well, he has recently published a very positive review of my book and I hope that everyone reading this interview will buy it and enjoy it as much as he obviously has.

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