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How do you manage disagreeable or unfair opponents?

I try to deal with them in a professional manner. That is to say I tolerate their poor behaviour or attitude but make absolutely sure that it does not affect my game.

What do you do to put a defeat behind you?

I take a short break so that I can consider what went wrong and then try and correct it in time for the next match.

Do you think darts is a mental game?

Absolutely. In darts it is you against the dartboard. Players must have the mental ability to focus solely upon the task of winning to the exclusion of everything else that is going on around you.

Do you do some kind of mental practice, for example visualising)?

I tend to go over my game plan in my head before a game. I tell myself that I am world champion and that I am the one they must beat. I keep that thought in my mind as I play the board.

What do you do to withstand the pressure? Is it something, you just get used to? Or something you can learn?

The more games you play the more confident a player becomes and this enables you deal with pressure. It is very difficult at times to deal with pressures from within one's personal life but the skill is not allowing such things to affect your darts. 2007 has been a very difficult year for me personally and this has shown itself in some major tournaments I have played in.

Is it for a female player possible to earn your living playing darts?

I am able to make a living in darts because I have a number of sponsors who cover most of my expenses. As I have written in my autobiography 'Golden Girl' it took a very long time for me to secure sponsors. There were times when I thought I might have to give up darts but I made it. I am sure that other female players could make a living from the sport but not without sponsors.

The female sport of darts also needs to attract more TV and thus more sponsors so that more prize money is available in order to make going professional worthwhile and financially rewarding.

Why do you think female darters are much less appreciated than the male darters?

Darts has always been associated with the English pub and therefore it is always regarded as a men's sport. Hopefully, now with the Ladies Darts Association this will change. There is certainly no physical reason why female players should not be as good - if not better - than the men.

What was for you the biggest problem in being a female darter?

Obtaining sponsorship and making people take our sport seriously.

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