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Are the male darters behaving scornfully or is it more that the spectators are not interested in female darters?

People who appreciate good darts do so whether it is a woman or a man playing. However, there will always be people who think that women's darts are not as good as the men's game. What I say is 'Give us ladies a real chance to show the men what we can do'. With more TV exposure I am sure people will begin to realise how good female darts players can be.

Do you think that female darters are less competitive than the men?

No. They are as equally competitive perhaps more so!

Would you think after your long experience that female darters can't keep up with the men?

No. Often the averages in the Women's World Championship finals have been higher than the Men's!

Do you prefer all ladies tournaments or would you prefer to be able to compete with the men?

While I prefer to play in all-female competitions, I also play darts with the men, for example in the English Pentathlon and I do very well against them. I have also played super league darts in Warwickshire where I was the only woman player in amongst a whole team of men. I would love to be able to play in more open competitions against the men.

Do you thinks there's something in darts where women are superior to the men or where they really are less capable than men?

Of course I would say that there is! But I guess we are about equal. We all lose our tempers from time to time but perhaps women are better at containing any anger!

Why do you think the PDC is not interested in promoting ladies darts?

It is not a question of the PDC not being interested in promoting ladies darts.

The PDC exists to promote darts tournaments for ALL professional darts players who sign up and join the Professional Darts Players Association (PDPA). Anyone - male or female - can join but few women actually do.

Would you say that even the BDO with the Women World Championship is a little bit patronizing looking at the number of participants, the format and the prize money?

There is not enough space here to go over the matter in detail. My view on this issue is dealt with in my book 'Golden Girl'. However, I know that some female players think the format is restrictive.

Have you got any idea how one could promote ladies darts so that the females are treated more equal and are more accepted as it is for example in tennis?

We need to organise ourselves better and somehow raise the profile of ladies' darts. I am hopeful that this can be done through the Ladies Darts Association (LDA) but only time will tell. I sincerely believe that if female darts can attract one main sponsor for a major televised ladies tournament (in addition to the Lakeside World Championships) and we play to the best of our ability, this could get the ball rolling.

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