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What would you say is you special strength? And what your weakness?

My 'special strength' is my determination to win; my ability to stay focussed on the job in hand which is to win tournaments. My only weakness is that I sometimes cannot shut out particular events in my life that are important to me and these sometimes (but not very often) can affect my darts play.

What do you think makes the difference between a mediocre and a real good dart player?

Determination, dedication to the sport of darts and a strict practice regime are vitally important for sustained success. If a player does not stay focussed, he or she will fail and remain mediocre.

What advice would you give an adamant beginner?

Buy only quality darts equipment (such as that provided by my sponsor the WINMAU Dartboard Co.), and set up a darts oche in a safe place at home and practice, practice, practice. Also buy a darts training book so as to learn how best to play the sport.

Which darts do you play? Did you always play the same brand and weight?

I have my own 'name' darts which are manufactured by my sponsor WINMAU. They are 'Trina Gulliver' 80% tungsten darts and my weight of dart is 25g. However, the darts are also available in the heavier weight of 27 grams.

Trina Gulliver Dart

Have you got some kind of practice schedule?

I practice every day for as long as I can. I also practice against other world-class darts players and, of course, down my local pub. I also still play County darts for my county of Warwickshire

Do you somehow keep record of your practice achievements?

I do not keep specific records of my practice achievements although I know instinctively if things are going according to plan.

How do you prepare for a tournament?

I normally go to bed early the night before so that I awake fresh and ready to play at my best. I then ensure that I have enough practice both at home and at the venue to enable me to play my best possible game.

Do you do something to improve your fitness and do you think fitness is essential?

Fitness is absolutely essential in any sport. I have a small multi-gym at home which was given to be by one of my sponsors and regularly work out.

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