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How to concentrate right to play great darts

Brigitte Neumann To practice concentration is extremely necessary in darts. Should you not be able to concentrate in a match, you'll make mistakes. It could be technical mistakes, because you are not "all there", it could be tactical mistakes, because you might play to complicated not using your usual ways. As a sports you have to be able to concentrate, so that you can transfer your practice skills into competition. The powers of concentration are a very complex topic. I'll present to you different methods you can try out and put into practice. Find out which one is working for you ----and start to concentrate!

Concentration Practice Part 1

"Concentration point": Light a candle or a night light and put it in a distance from about one meter in front of you on a table, sit down. Focus on the flame and try to hold it as long as possible with your eyes. You are allowed to blink, but don't close your eyes. You should manage in the beginning for around tow minutes, advanced manage it for hours.

Important in this practice is that you send away all thoughts that come up in your mind, let them draw away. During the practice there is no room for them in your head. In the beginning that will not be easy for you. It may help you to try to see some kind of pattern or figures in the movement of the flame. So your concentration stays on the flame, your only task is to observe the candle. You'll feel how your breath goes calmer, your pulse slows down. After some time you'll be surprised how long you can concentrate on this. Now you can try to focus on a dartboard. There's no movement to observe and the exercise gets more difficult. Much fun in trying out!

"If you want to achieve something, you never did achieve before, you have to do something, you never did before." (Gary Koyen)

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