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Biggy Neumann about mental strength

Brigitte Neumann Some more tips to realistic self assessment and realistic targets. During a match you can only manage what you can manage in practice, nothing more but nothing less as well. You actual skills should agree with your expectations. Are you able to assess your sporting skills? My tip: during the last practice before a match go through everything with a team friend or practice partner. Value your practice state of affairs with points from one to ten: your techniques, the out charts, your agressivity, your enjoyment and your concentration. Now you know what you can achieve at the tournament. Then you set yourself a goal for your first match for example: I'll stay calm! I'll play merciless from the beginning! I am concentrated and don't care what happens! I'll be absolutely focussed on the doubles! The result doesn't matter! When you can translate into action what you showed in practice and stay at your goal, you'll automatically play the best darts you are capable on this day!

After the tournament you'll check what you really achieved and whether your did reach your goal. By this examination you'll find a starting point for future practice. The tournament is only a step in your long-term skill build-up. It's important that your goal for the tournament is achievable and realistically. Otherwise you'll be disappointed, depressed, frustrates after a defeat. Should you have play great, but your opponent is just better, you'll not be able to play. Did you reach your goal, you were successful, even if you did lose. I don't measure my success one my wins, but whether I'll get better every year." (Tiger Woods)

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