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Biggy Neumann about mental strength

Brigitte Neumann In my last article I examined the reactions of players who tend to give in, to look for excuses and don't want to take responsibility for a bad performance. This time I talk about being furious or developing negative feelings during a match. Should you have experienced such a situation yourself, you'll know you couldn't use your full potential. Fits of rage will hinder you and you can't enjoy your game.

  • You'll not find your rhythm, lose your thread, might be defeated by a weaker opponent.
  • You might think too much about your faults, be annoyed, don't find back to your game
  • Perhaps you try to reduce the stress, by telling you, how stupid you are, how incapable, that you'll never learn to throw good darts.
  • You don't want to feel helpless, so you start to get furious either with yourself or with somebody else.

By all this you will not be able to keep up your fighting spirit and positive emotions.

That doesn't mean you have to suppress your negative feelings. When you are angry with you because of your faults, use short breaks to breath away the tension and think of your strength. Talk to yourself (ok, the next leg will be mine! I can do it! Try again! Come on!) You can push yourself. It's important that you recognise the fault happened in the past. It did happen. You can't undo it. You have to accept it, even if it is hard for you. The word "ok" is ideal, it is short and succinct. Breath deep in and out---then you are back. The most important now is your next dart you hold in your hand. You can almost see the high scores and you've got the chance to hit them, you'll do your best.

Don't think of darts as some kind of war, war you can't enjoy.
Realize that you are a very special person with a lot of good and lovable qualities. Enjoy it to play, enjoy the challenge, it's only darts!

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