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Darts1 interview
with Robert Thornton

Would you say the BDO is struggling at the moment, more and more strong players come over to the PDC, the Dutch market soon will be "BDO" free; some tournaments had to be cancelled or do you think the BDO is strong enough to survive all this?

BDO is a strong company

Do you think it will end in BDO for amateurs and PDC for the professionals?

No, there are more than enough players for both

With all those strong players it's of course getting more and more difficult to win in the PDC. What is the goal you did set you?

To be in the top 32 in my first year

How do you assess yourself, what ranking place you think is realistic for you to achieve?

I'm still working hard to climb the ladder. How far I get is down to my determination

Would you say you are more a team player or a single player?

I can play both but probably single

Would you welcome it should you be able to play double/pairs tournaments as well with the PDC?

Yes I would but with the amount of tournaments there is no time to play

You did practice a lot with James Wade and he told us, you never get tired of practicing. How much do you really practice?

About 6 hours a day

And have you got a practice routine?

No I just do what I feel at the time

How did you come in contact with James Wade?

I played an exhibition with him

And what do you both learn practicing together?

We both want to win

Do you prefer practicing with a partner and what for you is the advantage?

It doesn't matter to me practice is practice. It's all down to concentration

And what do you play for practice? Only 501 or other games as well?

Go round the board in doubles and trebles

Do you do any kind of mental practice as well?


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