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Darts1 interview
with Robert Thornton

It looked a very evenly matched game and was a great performance of both, how hard was it to defeat her?

It is always to win a game, she was a very difficult player to beat

As we here in Germany don't know much about you, could you perhaps tell us a little bit about you?

Where do you come from? Stevenson, Ayrshire in Scotland

What´s your original profession?

Blind Maker

Are you a full time professional or will you only turn that after you came to the PDC?

Became full time when joined PDC

How long do you already play darts?

I've been playing about 6 years now

What does fascinate you most in darts?

Different styles and players

What were your biggest successes?

Won the World Masters, Dutch Open, Scottish Masters

Robert und Anastasia

What darts do you play? Which barrel-shaft-flight combination?

26g darts, short shafts, standard flights

Were you a member of the Scottish national team?

I played in 2 home internationals and 6 nations

Is it a problem for you, that you can´t any longer be a Scottish national player?

Disappointing but not a problem

How is darts in Scotland in general?

I would say darts in Scotland is on the up

There seem to be a lot of good Scottish players at the moment, but all more "middle-aged". Are there some young talents as well?

Yes there is but we don't have a lot of competitions for them in Scotland

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