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Darts1 interview
with Simon Whitlock

Is it a problem for you that you no longer will be able to play in the national team?

Not a problem - to tell the truth I only played once in the national team - it was very emotional. It was after my fathers death and he always had wanted it to happen.

Is darts popular in Australia?

We've got a rather busy dart scene and a lot of regional tournaments.

And how did you come in contact with the sport?

Both my father and mother played darts. Both came from England 40 years ago! From Brighton and Eastbourne. It was with the 10 pound passport. People could get a passport through the company they worked for in the UK and a job in the mines. And they stayed in Australia.

Can one watch Darts on TV in Australia?

Yes, we've got televised darts.

Do you think your good run in the BDO World Championship 2008 helped darts in Australia or was it more or less not noticed in the public?

It was not really noticed in the public but all the dart players of course took notice - I would say it did help this way.

Though probably Paul Nicholson is your strongest opponent in Australia you rarely ever played against him - do you know him at all and how do you asses him?

He is no longer in Australia and that I never played him there was because of this DFA/DPA situation. But of course I know him - I played by now four times against him but every time over in England and I defeated him all four times….

When one follows how last year Paul dominated the DPA Circuit and this year you dominate it - would you say there are not really many adequate players around - is that true or does it only look like this from the outside?

Oh no, one can't say that!!! That's not true!! There are a lot of really good players around in Australia.

Would you say you are very talented or are the others not as experienced?

Of course I am talented but I've in the end much more experience. I think this experience makes the difference.

Till now you didn't play a lot of the PDC Pro Tour tournaments - did you feel it's very tough?

I believe it is very tough. Till now I only played in Las Vegas and in Scotland but every time I lost first round.

Simon Whitlock Simon Whitlock

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