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Darts1 interview
with Simon Whitlock

You always impress me because you seem to be totally focussed and composed on stage - how do you manage that?

That is nothing I did learn - I think that's something that come natural to me.

On stage you more or less seem to be the total contrary of Paul Nicholson - are you as composed when not on stage???

Well, probably not as much. I can of course lose my composure - but it doesn't happen too often!

You always seem to be a very nice person - even on stage - do you think one can win through nevertheless or does one need - as Paul Nicholson feels - at least some aggressiveness to do so?

I think a little bit of aggressiveness helps - and I've got that. But you've to be careful. When you are to aggressive that will harm your game.

How important is body language in general? Is it important to somehow impress the opponent?

Body language up there on the stage is very very important. It plays a rather important part what kind of signals you send.

Simon Whitlock Darts

What is it that fascinates you in Darts?

I am most fascinated in the competition. And of course nothing is better then a win. I always want to win.

We've got two "Wizards" now in the PDC - do you plan to change your nickname?

Oh no - I am the original wizard!!! The other one is only the apprentice!

Simon Whitlock Simon Whitlock

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