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Darts1 interview
with Simon Whitlock

Do you think the PDC players have got a higher standard then the BDO players?

Of course - there is a big, big difference.

And will playing them make you even better as well?

I am sure it will - it will help a lot.

At the moment you are on rank 98 in the Order of Merit - to really be able to earn your living with playing darts you probably would need to get at least under the top 32 - do you think playing the PDC tournaments regularly you can get there?

What I would like to reach of course would be the top ten. And I think I really can get there.

Do you think in the PDC playing darts is more some kind of a job and that there is not as much room for fun and camaraderie?

I think it is really a job - but for me it is the job I enjoy.

What and how do you practice?

I practice a lot. Mostly doubles and finishes.

Are you a full time Pro now?

Yes, I am - for a few years now.

By winning the Australian Grand Prix you are qualified fort he PDC World Championship . how do you assess your chances?

That is very difficult to say but of course I would like to get World Champion!

Will you do some kind of special preparation for this tournament?

Well, perhaps not something special. But I will practice much more for that.

You are a rather experienced player who's already played a World Championship final and some big tournaments - is it difficult for you to play before such a crowd?

Now, I wouldn't say it is. It only gets difficult when the crowd stands behind your opponent!

When you compare the BDO and the PDC crowds - is there a difference?

Of course there is - I think the BDO crowd is very quiet…

The format played during the competition gets longer and longer the farther one progresses - do you prefer a short or a long format?

I prefer the longer format - I like it much better.

What is your profession?

I am a bricklayer.

What are your hobbies?

Oh - I am very much interested in tropical fish and I like to grow my own vegetables.

Simon Whitlock Simon Whitlock

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