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Simon Whitlock, with a sensational victory over Raymond van Barneveld just in the final of the world championships, runner up of the Lakeside world champs in 2008 and best australian darts player for some years, was available for this exclusive Darts1 interview, thanks a lot.

You first played BDO, then a short time PDC, then returned to the BDO, what was the reason you decided once and for all to play in the PDC again?

There is a lot more money in playing PDC and of course the better players all play there.

Does that now mean you'll have to move to England? Or do you intend to try from Australia?

I've not yet decided. I know I can't travel back and forth. To travel would mean almost one and half a day a trip. Might be I come over for some time.

And - as one hears you are a family person - what consequences will that have for your family?

Well - yes - I am a family person but I've split up with my wife recently and she doesn't want me to see the children not even phone them. So I really don't know - might be it would be the right time to stay for some time in England.

Would it be possible from all tournaments in Australia to earn your living there with playing darts?

Yes - that's what I did last year. I did earn my living playing darts. It's not really much but I just made it.

Is there some kind of "exhibition" market in Australia which could you help to earn some money?

Not at all of this kind. I do some exhibitions but all over here in England.

Simon Whitlock What do you feel is the biggest difference between the BDO and the PDC?

I think the players are really much better and of course all is much more professional.

The dart fans I think all were delighted when you changed to the PDC - what was the reaction of the PDC players?

I can't complain at all. They were all very nice.

Though in a lot of nations the national darts association is not so happy when players play in a PDC tournament it seems the DFA in Australia is especially strict and you had some problems after you had won two tournaments of the PDC Australian Grand Prix. What did happen?

I was not allowed to play the DFA circuit any longer though at that time I still was a DFA member. And because I was a DFA member I was not allowed to play DPA as well.

Simon Whitlock Simon Whitlock

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