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Darts1 interview
with Gary Mawson

Do you intend now to play the whole circuit again, as John Part does?

Yes I do

What are you plans for your dart career at the moment?

Well I am trying to break into the Top 32 in the rankings and go from there. I am on the Americas Cup team and off to Trinidad & Tobago at the end of July and then off to Australia.

Are you a full time professional?

Pretty much. I still work a small amount.

And if not, can you imagine one could become a full time professional and earn a living with the North-American circuit or will it always be necessary to take part in tournaments in England as well?

If you are going to play darts for a living you are going to want to go to England anyway, so I would have to say yes to going there.

Have you got a sponsor?

I am sponsored by Unicorn Darts.

What darts do you play?

I play with my own signature dart. 25grams. Made by Unicorn.

How did you get your nick name and do you really intend to change it?

A friend of mine just said it one day and I decided to use it. The Mawler or Mauler whichever you prefer. I do like awesome mawson but that is going to be for the website. Awesomemawson.com

I heard you tell, your mother was a dancer. Do you like dancing yourself and are a good dancer?

My mom was a dancer (ballet) a long time ago. Believe me, it did not rub off…. lol I am not known for my dancing skills.

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