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Darts1 interview
with Gary Mawson

Would you say, the American players will and can make an impact in the PDC in future?

Of course they will and have. America has been a big part of the PDC since the beginning. Its only a matter of time before America can dominate the PDC.

How did you as a friend of JP assess the effect his three World Championships had on the American and Canadian dart scene?

It was an amazing accomplishment. Everyone on both sides of the border are very proud of him. It makes him one of the greats. John has made believers out of us all that hard work can pay off.

What do you feel is the biggest problem for darts to overcome to be really a popular sport in America?

I like to think an American Pro League on TV could really improve the game of darts in the states. Americans like to see Americans playing. If the players could hone their skills against each other on a regular basis I think it would improve are chances internationally as well.

Do you think there is a difference in the attitude of an American and a British dart-player?

Sure there is….lol. Let's just say one is better than the other.

On SEWA there was a discussion whether the Americans perhaps might not be competitive enough to really get "top players". Do you think there is a difference in the mentality that really might be a problem?

Not at all. You just have to have the desire to achieve and believe you can do it. I understand the expense of travelling and all the other costs and it's a shame that it holds a lot of people back from being a top player.

Do you feel all those new PDC tournaments in the US will help American darts and dartplayers?

Of course they will. These tournaments will give players opportunities that they wouldn't likely get otherwise. Potential Grand Slam spot and World Championship spot. Not to mention playing the best in the world.

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