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with Gary Mawson

As everybody is still discussing and nobody really seems to know, are you now an American or a Canadian or are you British? Or are you all three? And why? And what do you feel you are?

I have dual citizenship. Both British and Canadian. I was born in Canada but my parents were both British. I am a permanent resident in the United States and will hopefully get my citizenship next year.

And if you are a Canadian, why did you decide to play for and in America?

My wife is American and we decided to live in the states. I have always enjoyed playing in America and it offers the best opportunities for me.

Did you come in contact with darts, because of your British origin?

I would have to say a little bit. I can remember visiting England as a child and seeing darts on TV.

When and why did you start to play darts?

I started playing darts in 1985. Played in a blind draw for the first time and I won with a really great player. From then on I was hooked.

I read you did play darts in England for some time in the 1990s. Did you then live in England for some time? And where?

I moved to England in 1989 to become a professional dart player. Darts was on downswing and I only stayed 8 months. I was living in Bolton at the time.

Did you play BDO/WDF tournaments and with what success?

Played in some events over the years but no major wins to speak of.

I read as well, you after the split were approached by the PDC to join their tournaments. Could you tell us, what exactly did happen?

I can remember in the beginning there was talk about a new dart organization that would help improve the sport of darts. It seemed like the right direction at the time. It was called the WDC. We all know what happened after that. It is now the PDC and is bigger than ever.

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