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Would you say dart players can be real friends or are the others always rivals?

Dart players can certainly be good friends, I work with Eric Bristow sometimes 5 days a week, and yet we still go on holiday together, Tenerife our favourite location, Cliff Lazarenko has remained one of my closest friends for years, rivalry should take place on the stage, once the game is over, that should be the end of it.

Do you sometimes visit dart tournaments?

I will be at the premier league event in Nottingham in April, this is my first visit, and I hope it is everything I expect.

And who do you think is the most talented young player?

I like quite a few of the new young players, James Wade is a great player and he does have world championship qualities, Garry Robertson is also a great player, I am a little surprised that we do not seem to have loads of younger players coming through in the UK, the incentive is there, I have no idea why the talent is not, maybe "The Art of Darts" will be the answer.

Do you believe playing darts is something one can be coached in?

I firmly believe darts can be coached, hence my new book, I believe players make the game more difficult than it really is, and simple things work best.

And would you think dart coaches will be the future of the sport and help to more professionalism?

John Lowe

I feel sure darts will have academy's and coaches in the future, this will be the replacement for Pub darts, darts is now a registered sport in many countries, if we are to take the sport to the next level, the Olympics, then we have to make sure the youngsters have available coaching to prepare them, I believe my book "The Art of Darts" is one of the first steps to bringing new players into the sport, we have to remember darts can be enjoyed by anyone, you do not have to be a professional player to get satisfaction from playing a social friendly game with your friends, or family.

How important is alcohol in darts and could darts exist without alcohol at all?

Darts could quite easily exist without Alcohol, that may surprise a few people, but it is fact, I would not be surprised to see Alcohol banned completely from the sport in the next 10 years.

What would be your advice for an adamant beginner on the brink of getting professional?

My advice for a would be professional: simple. Read "The Art of Darts" keep it with you, it is always to be owned and never loaned, and remember to send any feed back or un answered questions to: www.legendsofdarts.com

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