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with John Lowe

Do you miss being able to play PDC tournaments? You didn't play much the last years but you always were in the qualification for the World Championship.

I do not miss playing in PDC events, when we formed the Legends of the Oche, we knew exactly what we where doing, moving on, not moving out, we have the most successful Legends tour now, with over 125 bookings to complete in 2009, and a diary fast filling for 2010.

Do you think getting older somehow affected your darts? Or would you say darts is something you can play till in old age? Is playing darts something you still enjoy after all those years?

Getting older did not really effect my darts ability, I became fed up of having to play every weekend in qualifiers, I needed to change direction, I feel I am playing as well today as I ever did, I love playing darts, and the reason is: I can do it very well.

Do you still practice? Or play league or open tournaments?

I do practise but only when I have reason to, when you play 6 days a week, your game is always in good shape.

Last year during the league of legends I read that you not only practice throwing but that you think one has to prepare the mind as well. What do you do to prepare your mind?

I am a great believer in mental preparation, if you feel well, you will play well, I could go on about this subject for many pages, but I think I will leave you with a development that is very exciting, on the 28th of May 2009, I have a coaching manual coming out in all major book shops, it is called "The Art of Darts" it contains everything from choosing the right darts, to preparing mentally, it is for beginners and professionals alike.

What for you was the most important win in your career?

The most important title I won, and for anyone to win, is the World Championship, and if you manage to win it more than once, it means you where not lucky the first time, I won it 3 times and played in the final 8 times, I believe I should have won it at least 5 times.

John Lowe

Did you like the travelling?

I have always liked travelling, darts has given me the chance to see the world.

And did you like being member of the team or would you say you are more a loner?

I loved being part of a team, and I also liked and still like my own company.

In those times it was use to share price money. With whom did you share?

We did share prize money in the early days. I shared with Eric Bristow for many years, in fact right up to one week before the 9 darts game.

Do you know whether that still happens?

I would think that players still share today, but it is dangerous now book makers are involved.

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