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Darts1 interview
with Terry Jenkins

What would you say is your special strength? And what your weakness?

I think my strength is the scoring; I am very good throwing high scores. And at the moment my weakness definitely is hitting the doubles…

At the moment you are a rather unpredictable player, why is being consistent so difficult?

For me it's really this Premiere League. One has no time at all for proper practice. It's only two days a week I could practice at all at the moment. I think though everybody wants to play Premier League and you can earn a lot of money playing Premier League really ruins your darts. You've only to look at those who already played it, Scholten, Lloyd, Lewis…It really ruins them and its hard work to get over that.

Would you say darts is a mental game?

It's is. At least 80 % mental.

Do you practice mental strength somehow?

Oh yes. I try to stay calm and concentrated. That's something you can learn and can practice.

Terry Jenkins

What and how do you practice?

I think practicing is essential. Usually I practice once a week with a friend who comes to my house. You can't do without proper practice.

Have you got some kind of practice routine?

No, nothing of that kind. My practice is mostly scoring.

Do you ever talk with other players about practice?

No. We never talk about this topic and I've no idea what other players do.

Do you think fitness is important and do you do something to improve your fitness?

I think it's very important. And I started going for the gym for it. But I had to stop again; I don't have the time at the moment.

Do you do anything special to prepare for a tournament?

Not really. I have a good breakfast, one has to. I go to the venue a couple of hours early. But I don't really do much warming up. Some minutes perhaps in between.

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