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with Terry Jenkins

Do you like weekend tournaments or do you prefer those major tournaments where you only have one match a day?

The weekend tournaments are more intimate I like that. But I like the majors too. I can't decide

Is it very hard to play Premier League?

It is very hard. You see it's not only hard to play your match up there on stage with this huge crowds watching and all the noise. Such a Premier league match means three days for as all. One has to travel to the town where it takes place on Wednesday, on Thursday one has to play and on Friday one travels home again - that's really three days. It's tiring.

Do you like the show part in Premier League?

No, I really don't take much to that. That's something I really only do for the crowd. I myself could well do without that.

How did you get the nickname "The Bull"? You don't seem to be "raging" very often?

That's because I come from Herefordshire and Herefordshire is well known for this brand of cattle the Herefordshire bulls. But you are right, I am not often raging. It happens sometime but rarely.

Terry Jenkins und Phil Taylor

Is it for you as a top player difficult that Taylor is dominating the sport and often seems to be unbeatable?

No, I don't feel it is a problem. And he's not so unbeatable during the floor tournaments either. What I really would like to do is to beat Taylor on TV, I always wanted that. And that definitely is both challenge and motivation.

I read somewhere you play darts because you enjoy it? Is that still so?

I don't enjoy it much at the moment. With this Premier league it is really too much darts. It's darts from Wednesday, when I leave home for Premier League till Monday when I return home from the weekend tournaments. Sometimes I then even have exhibitions and presentations as well. That's too much darts and it's only darts all the time. To be really able to enjoy one would need a break from time to time, time without darts or at least time for proper practice. But I am all the time on the road at the moment.

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