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How did fans and spectators change over all those years?

Audiences participated.

And how did darts change? Are the dart players now better players, have they got a higher skill level?

Not really. Our problem in the legends is more that we are not really consistent. it's difficult to bring your exhibition play on the stage, it's a totally different situation.

Do you think darts was more fun in the old days? Is there too much pressure, too many tournaments, too much travelling now-a-days?

I think it's too much travelling. Everybody is too serious and there are no more characters!

Do you still play in tournaments or in League or at least with friends in the pub?

Occasionally, I play a lot of exhibition darts, sometimes I practice with my son. But darts is only a small part of my life now, there's television, films, fishing well, and darts.

How hard is it for you at your age to play those big tournaments like Lakeside or Winmau World Masters or would you say age is an unimportant factor for a dart player?

I am still there!!! Are you ever too old to make love?? No, I think it's nothing to do with age, it's more that you have to have the will to do it.

You always did a lot of manual work, working hard with your throwing arm as well. Did that in any way interfere with playing darts?

No, it didn't, in no way.

Did you like all your darting life or would you advise your dart playing son against being a dart professional?

No, I never would. Both my sons do play darts. Richard is more serious about it. But both did choose the game for themselves. I see no need to interfere.

I've read your book and know that you've got a rather special favourite Checkout.

I suppose you mean the 121? I always liked it as there are so many ways to hit it. Treble 14, treble 19, double 11 or treble 11, treble 20, double 14 or single 11, treble 20, bull A lot of my outshots have been copied, but the 121 is still exclusive for me.

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