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Darts1 interview
with Bobby George

Would you say a natural player at all can profit by practice?

Yes of course he will.

What darts do you play and did you often change your darts throughout your career?

I have had only three sets of darts in my time - brass and tungstens.

Bobby George Darts

Is it a problem for you, you never managed to be a BDO World Champion?

Not really…

Why did you stay with the BDO?

Because I did not have to rely on tournaments. I prefer the exhibitions.

Which is or was your favourite tournament?

The "News of the World" - I won it twice.

When you look at all this PDC price money, was there enough money in darts for you playing mostly at a different time nevertheless?

Yes there was. You could buy a lot more for your money them days.

Are you a rich man?

Sort of!

Why is it so rare that a good dart player is at the same time an entertaining darts player? Compared to you all those now-a-days top players are rather dull.

There are no personalities any longer. No characters. They are all too serious. We all were different characters.

Looking at all those tournaments now - a - days I would say you would be perfect for Premier League. Would you agree with me?

Probably in my time.

Would you say, you were the "Wayne Mardle" of your time?

No, Mardle only tries to copy me. But he can't reach me, he's not imaginative enough. It can by the way be quite exhausting to always think up new things, to always live up to the expectations.

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