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Darts1 interview
with Bobby George

What would you say, how did the sport develop and change in all those years you played darts?

Doubles and Trebles are bigger now. The throw is nearer, the darts are thinner and the games are longer.

Who is for you the best dart player beside yourself of course?

Anyone that beats me!! And all the players always try to beat me and play there best.

And who do you think is the most talented of the upcoming youngster?

Richie Rich Georgie-if he puts his mind to it. He plays in Suffolk super league, is England youth player…

And against whom you would really like to play?

No one in particular, I did play them all already!

Have you still some contact with your old mates, are you friends or is real friendship more or less impossible in between fellow darters?

Yes, I still have. There's a lot of comradie between us all, much more then between the players now-a-days. We were all there from the beginning.

Are you all still rivals?

I would say we still are.

Has for you the League of Legends more a competitive or more an entertaining character? Are you determined to beat all you old rivals?

I am determined to beat them as they are to beat me. But for me the entertainment is more important.

Do you think there'll be another League of Legends next year? And would you like to take part?

I hope so and of course I would like to take part again.

Who do you think is the best player, who will win the tournament?

Bob Anderson.

You are the only BDO player competing in it. Did you have any problems with the BDO or will you be allowed to play BDO tournaments while playing the Legends?

No none at all. I still can play the tournaments.

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