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Bobby George is widely recognised as the best known and most colourful and charismatic darts player of all time. He was available for this exclusive Interview, thanks a lot.

Would you say you are more a dart player, who likes to entertain or more an entertainer, who somehow plays darts beside, which is more important for you?

I feel I am more an entertainer who plays darts. An entertainer can go on and on, a dart player has to win trophies. I want to entertain the audience by playing darts.

Reading you biography it didn't look to me you did show those entertainer qualities as a child already. When did you first find out that suits you?

I was very shy as a child and a young man. Once I started the dart circuit I came out of my shell.

Where did you get the idea for your spectacular walk-ons?

I love audience participation!!!

You did start playing darts comparatively late in live, though to be sure it was played in pubs and was quite popular. Did you never get in contact with it being a youngster or just didn't you think it worthwhile?

I did come in contact, but I didn't think it worthwhile. I thought it was a boring game.

What means darts for you, what does fascinate you the most in it?

The uncertainty of the game and the maths. Do you know till now no one ever tried to look into all the maths? There is a lot of maths, children could learn from the dartboard. Do you know there are 3944 different possibilities for nine darts in 501?

Do you still practice regularly? Or did you ever practice regularly or are you some kind of a natural player?

I feel I am a natural player. I don't practice much any more. This week I only did pick up my darts for the Legends.

>> Natural player, BDO and wealth

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