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Raymond van Barneveld

What's for you most important in darts? What fascinates you most?

Most important is to play well and win the game. But it is very strange that there is so much difference in quality sometimes between today and tomorrow. Look at the QF vs Adrian Lewis in the World Grand Prix. A very good game. In spite of the same preparation, next day against James Wade it was gone. I can't understand that.

Did it always fascinate you the same or were there times you would have preferred another job?

Professional football player

What would you say is you special strength? And what your weakness?

I think I can perform well under pressure. My weakness? I am not allowed to tell you (ha,ha).

What do you think makes the difference between a mediocre and a real good dart player?

Talent, dedication and preparation.

What advice would you give an adamant beginner?

Practice, learning from better players and try to be the best in your local area. Next goal is to be the best in a bigger area. Play a lot of small and big tournaments. And of course dedication.

Which darts do you play?

Grand Slam Barney Grip. On the moment I try some new material.

Barneveld Darts

Why did you change though you played successful?

We always try to get better (development). Not only the darts, but also the preparation and other things.

Why do you use slim Dimplex flights and relatively heavy darts? Which advantage do you see in this?

Better view on the triple

Have you got some kind of practice schedule? What do you practice and how long do you practice normally? Do you think it's important to practice the different parts of playing darts(like for example accuracy or mechanics) or do you only practice games of 501? Do you think it's better to train alone or together with a partner? Do you somehow keep record of your practice achievements?

We have several methods. I think it is very wise to practice sometimes individual and sometimes with a partner. With a partner we usual play 501 or finishing from 3 until 150. When I practice individual, we do all kinds of games. For example the World Championship 2007. I practiced every day with my manager and did all kinds of games we develop ourselves. Every day I tried to improve all records I achieved in the practice. One game is to score as much as points in 10 times (30 darts). My record is 1460 points.

>> Fitness and mental

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