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Darts1 interview
with John Part

Which darts do you play? Did you always play the same brand and weight?

Unicorn 23gr. since 2004

John Part Darts

Have you got some kind of practice schedule?

Not really.

What do you practice and how long do you practice normally?

play matches with a practice partner for a few hours.

Do you somehow keep record of your practice achievements?

I used to do so. A good idea.

How do you prepare for a tournament?

I pack.

What do you do in the morning before a tournament?

Have breakfast, and maybe a light throw.

Do you do something to improve your fitness and do you think fitness is essential?

Not much, and yes I think it helps.

How do you manage disagreeable or unfair opponents?

Beat them.

What do you do to put a defeat behind you?

Play the next event.

Do you think darts is a mental game?

Darts is a game full of mental pitfalls, and few mental aids.

Do you do some kind of mental practice, for example visualising)?

Not as such.

What do you do to withstand the pressure? Is it something, you just get used to? Or something one can learn?

Laugh at yourself if you are too serious.

Who do you think is the strongest player at the moment and why do you think so?

Too many possibilities to say I think.

Do you think in future there´ll be more international top players or will they still be, beside you, only British or Dutch?

There could be some more with time I would expect.

Do you think the sport will prosper further in future?

Seems OK now. Hope it continues its growth.

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