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Darts1 interview
with John Part

When and why did you start playing darts?

mid 1980's because I liked throwing the darts

Was darts a popular game at that time in Canada?

Perhaps to some degree, but not mainstream.

Had you any idea of the British dart scene? Perhaps seen something on TV?

Mostly that's how I knew of real darts, was from what little we got to see from England in Canada. Never live.

Did you ever play league? Or in the National team?

Yes to both many times.

When did you first come to England and which was the first English tournament you played in?

The Winmau World Masters in 1993

How were you received by the English dart players and the spectators? Did they take you serious, had you any problems?

I had no problems, but I don't think too many outside of the players saw me as a threat to do anything.

When did you change to the PDC?

June 1997

Did the fact that you are a two time world champion in any way effect darts in Canada? Are there more dart players now, televised darts, darts in the newspaper?

Perhaps more people have played darts in Canada. It has helped marginally.

Are you a well known person, a VIP perhaps?


Did you have or do you still have role models?

A baseball star named Reggie Jackson. A golfer named Jack Nicklaus. An NFLer named Joe Nameth

What's your favourite tournament?

The World Championship because the most is on the line.

Do you like playing on stage and why (or why not)?

Yes, except if it is TOO hot (with humidity)

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