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The reigning world darts champion John Part was available for some questions just before the World Darts Championship, thanks a lot.

Are three world championships enough or does one get eager for more? Is it some kind of motivation? Or more that you don't feel challenged any more?

I would say I feel still eager for more and it's certainly motivation. It will always be a challenge.

How would you classify your three titles? Have they all the same value or was the second one the best?

The second one was the best. The other two were of course great too; I would say they balance one another. But the second one was special.

Would you say with your third world Championship you reached your peak or what can we await from you is there still more to come?

I don't think I've reached my peak. I am sure there is still more to come.

What consequences had the title for you? Were you much in request?

No not really. For me it was difficult to get the Premiere League organised, I had planned my year already. That took me by surprise. That will be better next year and I hope that will help me to play better.

I know that from time to time you travel to China or Japan for your sponsor. Are there more similar time consuming things in the live of a top player one has to do?

Usually there is once a year a trip to Asia with Unicorn. But it's really a lot of fun!

Do you think that winning a third title finally got the sport some more recognition in Canada?

No, I wouldn't say so. There is still no live coverage. So more or less know one knows about it. Recently they did show the Premier League from 2007

Is it for you still disappointing that there is not much response to your achievements at home or have you got used to by now?

Well, I more or less didn't expect much. But yes, it's still disappointing somehow. One always hopes!

>> Motivation and practise

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