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Darts1 interview
with Kevin Painter

Are players better now-a-days?

I would say players in the PDC get better and better constantly. Somehow it's such a lot of money on the stake - one really has to be at one's best all the time.

Are other players more rivals or comrades?

It's not much time for camaraderie. With the BDO one had it - some drinks with the friends in the pub round the corner - things like that. The PDC is much more professional.

How do you prepare for a tournament?

For me the best preparation is to be well rested - that includes to be in bed at nine o'clock before a tournament and no drinks at the bar in the evening before.

How do you take defeat?

Not good. I hate to loose. I usually will sulk for some time.

Have you got weaknesses or strengths?

To begin with the strengths: I think I don't give in easily and I can dig deep. And weaknesses? Well - sometimes I drink too much and it can happen I lose focus.

What about your goals?

My first goal always is to win the tournament I am playing in - every tournament. And of course I would like to be a World Champion!

Kevin Painter Kevin Painter

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