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Darts1 interview
with Kevin Painter

How much do you practice?

I practice two to three hours a day.

Do you practice with a partner?

No, most of the time I practice on my own.

Do you still play darts for enjoyment?

No - it's really like a job now-a-days - it's my profession.

Do you play league?


And exhibitions?

Yes, exhibitions still go on. I had a lot of fun in those times together with Trina Gulliver and Martin Fitzmaurice. I still can get exhibitions - might be not as much because of the financial crisis. Not at all in Holland. More around where I live and in Ireland. In Ireland there really is a lot of interest.

Kevin Painter

Do you think fitness is important?

Very important. I go to the gym several times a week.

One hears a lot about top players changing their darts. Did you ever change?

Never till now. I for thirteen years now play the same darts. I play with all Unicorn equipment.

Kevin Painter Darts

Do you like the stage?

I like it very much to play on stage. Much more then playing floor tournaments. It's totally different up there. I feel much better and I think that shows.

Do you hear much of the crowd?

No. I wouldn't say so. I really can block that out.

What do you think makes a winner?

I think you really have to have a desire to win - for me to win is the most important.

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