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Darts1 interview
with Kevin Painter

Kevin Painter, current no. 15 of the PDC order of merit, runner up of the world championships in 2004, winner of the England, British and Swedish Open, was available for this exclusive Darts1 interview, thanks a lot.

Kevin, are you really a Bad Boy?

No - I wouldn't think so that's all a media thing. But it's complete rubbish. I am an aggressive player and I play fast and offensive. I am not a bad boy!!!

How long do you already play darts?

Around thirteen years now.

And you started in the BDO?

Yes. Most of us older players started in the BDO.

When was your change to the PDC?


And you are a full time professional?

Yes. I was in the building profession earlier - something else I share with a lot of other players.

Would you say a darters life consists of lots of ups and downs?

Yes it does. Though I always feel I am in the end quite consistent. I am in the top 16 now for years. With me it is that I am just no good in floor tournaments. But when it comes to stage tournaments I am always there - well, most of the time. Sometimes better - sometimes not so good but all in all I am there.

Kevin Painter

Do you think the ups and downs have to do with mental attitude?

The mental attitude certainly is an important factor.

What is your main motivation?

Most important for me is to win.

When you look back at all those years you are already playing now - has it changed much?

It has changed a lot. For me darts is now a pro sport and we've to treat it like that. That includes professional practice as well as including mental aspects like sports psychology.

Has that an effect on your practice too?

I would say my practice has changed.

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