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Darts1 interview
with Colin Osborne

And what makes a "winner"?

I really think that's the factor "focus" Look at Phil Taylor and how he throws one dart after another - he's focused all the time with every single dart. And you'll probably get there with experience - experience is very important. Really important is of course consistency - I play now really consistently good for six months - that is great and helps your self-believe!

You don't look very nervous when you play up on stage…

Oh - you really can't allow to show any nervousness or that you feel anxious or timid - you have to be cool - at least it has to look you are cool!

How much does the crowd influence you?

Sometimes it is difficult to focus against the noise but you learn to blank it out and you have to learn that!

Es ist manchmal schon schwierig sich bei dem Lärm zu fokussieren, aber man lernt es, das auszublenden. Es ist auch etwas, was man unbedingt lernen muss.

Sarah Osborne Sarah Osborne

Have you got any weakness???

I really don't think I have any. I can't think of a weakness…

How do your treat defeat?

Well, I think you've to realise that it is only one match - not more. There are such a lot of tournaments next week there already will be the next match you shouldn't take it too important. It's really only one match! The next opportunity is already around the corner. I need around ten or fifteen minutes to get over it.

What are your goals?

I would like to be World Champion or World number one!

Colin und Sarah Osborne Colin und Sarah Osborne

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