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Darts1 interview
with Colin Osborne

Colin Osborne, no 13 of the PDC order of merit and runner up of the UK Open 2009, was available for this exclusive Darts1 interview, thanks a lot.

Colin Osborne was so kind and answered me some questions in between his quarterfinal and his semi-final match during the UK Open. It really was a pleasure to talk to him and I enjoyed it very much even though we ended more in a conversation then in a real interview…

Colin, you've played table tennis, yo-yo and snooker - have you got a special dexterity?

Pssst, don´t mention that!! Yes I did when I was a youth and I enjoyed it. And I think it really is a special skill and now it's something I can well use in darts. Can't one see it?

And had your original profession something to do with working with your hands as well?

Oh no, not at all! I was a publican.

Colin Osborne Colin Osborne

But now you are a full-time darts pro?

Yes. I think for around two and half to three years now.

How did that happen?

I like sports and I was looking for something I could use my skills would enjoy and could live of and that turned out to be darts.

When did you start to play darts?

I started to play darts when I was a youth. But I only played for fun never county or league.

So you really never played BDO youth or anything competitive?

No, really, not at all. I really decided to give darts a try and from playing for fun I straight entered the PDC.

Colin Osborne Colin Osborne

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