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Darts1 interview
with Adrian Lewis

What is your favourite tournament?

I love the World Matchplay in Blackpool. That's a great venue!

Do you enjoy yourself playing on stage?

I enjoy it very much to play on stage.

How much are you aware of the crowd playing on stage?

I would say I am not really aware of the crowd. One really learns to be not aware of it any more.

Are the spectators and fans important for you?

Yes, they are certainly very important for me.

Would you say you get more support or are you more some kind of "bad" boy?

Well, all that booing started in Glasgow, that's the Scottish crowd and from there it just carried on.

Adrian Lewis Adrian Lewis

There were some incidents on stage that got you some kind of bad or arrogant image. Is it difficult to live with that?

Yes, there were those incidents. But I don't think that they have long-term consequences. I got my penalty and that's done with that.

And did you really use some kind of gamesmanship or psychological warfare?

I wouldn't say it's only me, I would say to a certain degree everybody uses it.

Would you say darts is a mental game and can you learn mental strength?

90% is mental - and I think you can learn mental strength by experience. Experience is most important for that.

What would you say is your special strength? And what your weakness?

I think my special strength is scoring. And weakness - probably consistency during major tournaments. But I think experience will help. Consistency is something you get together with experience.

Adrian Lewis Adrian Lewis

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