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Darts1 interview
with Adrian Lewis

Adrian Lewis, no 8 of the PDC order of merit, two times quarter finalist of the world championships, semi finalist of the World Matchplay and two times participator of the Premier League, was available for this exclusive Darts1 interview, thanks a lot.

When and why did you start to play darts?

I usually went to the pub with friends on Friday after work. Some did already play and so I got involved as well.

Did you ever play BDO youth events or did you immediately join the PDC?

I played county darts but not really a lot of it.

Did you learn a profession as well or were you a professional dart player from the beginning?

No I did give driving lessons!

When did you turn professional?

I think it will be four years now.

What was your first big success?

I had success from the beginning - in my first ever tournament I ended in the semi-finals.

Do you feel like James Wade, who thinks playing only darts is not enough and who enjoys it to do some other work beside?

No, I wouldn't say so. I've enough hobbies beside darts so I feel fully occupied.

Is it hard for you to compete with all those big names and routined players?

It certainly was in the beginning. But not no, no longer.

Would you say you feel a lot of respect, might be even awe when playing them?

Of course I feel a lot of respect - not awe, I would say. But I try really hard not to let it make me unsure.

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