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When you look at Phil Taylor sorry to mention him but you can't pass him talking to other dart players, he seems to think he still can get better and better. Is this something you yourself believe as well, can you still get better?

Yes, I believe in it and I think we all have to do what we can to get better. We all earn our living with this, we'll not manage that otherwise. I don't see any limits.

And what do you think would be necessary for that?

Difficult to say. Playing on and winning as much as possible!

Is you diet one move in this direction?

Yes, of course.

Do you "feel" any effect already beside that it suits you to be slimmer?

I feel fitter on stage and can move better, don't get exhausted as fast. And of course when you look better you feel better!

Would you say you are, sorry again, as dedicated to the sport as Phil Taylor is and do you think you've to be as dedicated?

I am no less dedicated. When you do what I do you have to.

You are now what one could say a routined player. But nevertheless what costs you most wins is double trouble. Why is it so difficult even for a routined player to gain control of this phenomenon?

I honestly have no idea. I would change it otherwise. Perhaps it might help to practice even more doubles and bring that over on stage.

When you look at your practice achievements is it that a top player like you hits in practice more or less all? Or is it still at your level that some days practice is only frustration?

No, I certainly don't hit all. But for me practice is something relaxing - something I enjoy. I don't put pressure on me.

Everywhere recently nine-darters were discussed, how many have you already got in tournaments? And in practice?

In league play and practice I have, but never till now on stage.

>> Good form and the world championship

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